Üzümcü OM-6L table is designed for bariatric surgery. 29’’ extra-wide table top enables easy positioning for bariatric patients.
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Product Features



 Electrical Movements                              

 Electrical Movements                              


 • Height
 • Head rest

• Width x Length: 780x2140 mm

 • Back Rest
 • Kidney Surgery Position
• Height (min): 820 mm
 • Trendelenburg
 • Leg Rest, Up/Down
• Height (max): 1220 mm
 • Reverse Trendelenburg
 • Leg Rest, Right/Left
 Max.& min. dimensions are measured with mattress. 
 • Lateral Tilt
 • Central Locking
 • Sliding


 • Sliding Movement: 300 mm.                    

 • Leg Rest Up / Down: +65°/-85°

 • Lateral Tilt Movement: +30°/ -30°

 • Leg Rest Parallel Movement: 80°

 • Back Rest Movement: +90°/ -40°

 • Head Rest Movement: +35° / -60° 
 • Trendelenburg: +25°  • Kidney Surgery Position: 250°
 • Reverse Trendelenburg: -25° 

 • Flex / Reflex Position: +220° / -90° 


Functional Design & Wide Range of Accessory Options

  • Modular design taking shape by different surgical operations with high stability.
  • Solutions ensuring to reach the position required by any kind of surgical operations with its wide range of accessory options.
  • Telescopic body specifications enabling height adjustment at different levels.
  • Wheel system which is made of ABS plastic, with high multi-directional mobility and 125 mm in diameter (OP Series).


  • Image reception ability in a wide area without disturbing the sterile environment with the flouroscopy device by its slideability within 300 mm on horizontal plane.

Optimal Clearance In Surgical Area

  • Maximum surgical area visibilty and operational success with kidney surgical elevator integrated on the table and that can be adjusted up to 300 ̊(120 mm).

Different Mattress Options

  • High-quality image reception facility with table top made of compact material with high x-ray permeability.
  • Polyurethane mattress options ensuring patient comfort by taking shape of body parts of patient and preventing decubitus prophylaxis.
  • Cleanable and sterilizable mattress for decontamination of operating room with its seamless structure and demountability.

Modular Design

  • Design that can get different angles according to the operation’s kind, demountable head and foot plates.
  • Unlimited perineal accessibility with demountable foot plate.

Easy Approach For C-Arm

  • Possibility to have high image quality from all parts of the table with X-ray permeable table top.
  • Suitable base structure for easy access and approach of the C-arm scopy and surgical microscopes.

Accessory Positioning and Battery System

  • Attachment system mountable on stainless steel rail integrated on both sides of the table, enabling connecting a new accessory without demounting existing accessories and preventing loss of time.
  • Possibility of positioning the table in case of electricity cuts thanks to the rechargeable battery system that guarantees thirty movements. 

T Base Specifications

  • T Base enabling surgical team and equipment to approach the table optimally and contributing to operational success.
  • 316 quality stainless steel body resistant to fractures and corrosion.
  • Silent and nonvibrating operation.

Optimum Mattress Performance

  • Uzumcu operating table mattresses are designed and manufactured according to the Pressure Mapping test results. These tests are performed in house test systems in Uzumcu factory.



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All Rights Reserved. 2015 © Üzümcü Tıbbi Cihaz ve Medikal Gaz Sistemleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş. Privacy Statement.