FORZA EK TOUCH 200 is Üzümcü’s new generation of electrosurgery devices with microprocessor control and 7 inch touchscreen control panel. It is suitable to use in emergencies and minor or major surgeries.
FDA Registration :

Technical Specifications


Maximum Output Power CUT                                 200 W - 300 Ω                                                                
Maximum Output Power BLEND 150 W - 300 Ω
Maximum Output Power FORCED COAG 150 W - 200Ω
Maximum Output Power SOFT COAG  100 W - 200 Ω
Maximum Output Power BIPOLAR PURE CUT  120 W - 100 Ω
Max Output Power BIPOLAR COAG 100 W - 50 Ω
Max Output Power BIPOLAR SEALING 200 W - 50 Ω
Working Frequency 360 kHz
Selectable Input Voltage 100 - 240 V AC / 50-60 Hz
Inlet Power 750 VA


Detail Specifications

  • 7 Inch Touch Screen Feature
  • Detection System of TissueImpedance (Bipolar coagulation– auto start/autostop)
  • Skin Plate Electronic  Control
  • Split or Not Split Patient Plate Allowed


Cutting & Coagulation Options

  •  FORZA electrosurgical devices can be used in all surgery branches like general surgery, orthopaedics, urology, cardiovascular surgery, and neurosurgery with 400 W and 250 W maximum output power options
  • Advanced technology with automatic self-test feature at each start up informs the user about device functions
  • Blend cutting modes with pure cutting and at 5 different modulation levels
  • Wide, rapid, and non-contact coagulation with spray coagulation mode
  • Safe hemostasis by superficial and deep contact coagulation modes



Error Record System


  • Controlled coagulation by autostart and autostop functions at bipolar mode 
  • Suitable for synchronized use of two surgeons at monopolar and bipolar modes in multi operations
  • Compatibility with foot switch and manual use
  • Record system for monitoring failures of device functions or accessories with their codes, recording 99 failures and providing possibility for rapid technical service by monitoring retrospective failures

Patient Safety System & Memory

  •  Contact impedance between patient body and return electrode is continuously watched by Skin Plate Electronic Control (SPEC)
  • 50 different usage modes can be stored in the memory by pre-programming method, offering possibility for immediate call

Argon Coagulation

  • If Argon coagulation is needed, ÜZÜMCÜ Argon Plasma Coagulation Device can be easily added to the electrosurgical unit in use
  • Auto-detection of argon coagulator equipment
  •  Automatic communication with EK-410 and EK-250 electrosurgical devices and activitation by a single cable connection 

Vessel Sealing Function

  • Effective and safe sealing process in laparoscopy, open surgery veins and muscles bundles thanks to the vessel sealing function integrated onto cautery device



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All Rights Reserved. 2015 © Üzümcü Tıbbi Cihaz ve Medikal Gaz Sistemleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş. Privacy Statement.