OM-2M / OM-2ME*
Üzümcü OM-2M table offers suitable solutions for every surgery branch and budget, it is a model easy to use, long-lasting with low cost and enables all positions mechanically.
A.C.: OM-2M : 11.1003 / OM-2ME : 11.1002
FDA Registration :
Table Positions
Product Features



Mechanical Movements
• Height Adjustment • Lateral Tilt Movement
• Back Rest • Head Rest Movement
• Trendelenburg • Leg Rests, Up / Down

• Reverse Trendelenburg

• Kidney Elevation 240°

• Leg Rests, Right / Left
• Width x Length : 610x 2150 mm
• Height (min)      : 735 mm
• Height (max)     : 985 mm
• Max. – min. dimensions are measured without mattress.






• Lateral Tilt Movement     : +30°/- 30° • Leg Rest Up / Down                : +60°/-85°
• Back Rest Movement      : +70°/- 35° • Leg Rest Parallel Movement : 90°
• Trendelenburg                 : +20° • Head Rest Movement            : +35° / -80°
• Reverse Trendelenburg  : -25° • Flex / Reflex                             : 215°/110°





The Uzumcu OM-2M table provides a mechanical yet highly flexible and easy-to-use solution for a wide variety of surgeries and department budgets.


  • Height adjustment with electrical motor in telescopic body (only at OM-2ME model)
  • Modular design enables different surgery operations while maintaining  stability
  • Wide range of accessory options for maximum flexibility
  • Telescopic function enabling height adjustment at different levels
  • Trendelenburg/reverse trendelenburg and spine positioning arms that are easily accessable and enable ergonomic use
  • Cleanable and sterilizable mattress enables decontamination of the OR with its seamless structure and demountability
  • High-quality image reception capability with table top  made of compact material with high x-ray permeability
  • Right-left lateral tilt arm, practical to use and integrated with the operation table, enables mobility for the surgery team and can be hidden under table sitting plate when not in use
  • T-Base contributes to operational success by enabling optimal approach of the surgery team and equipment 
  • 316 quality stainless steel body resistant to fractures and corrosion
  • Silent and non-vibrating operation
  • Wheel system enabling mobility in the operation room
  • Brake system enabling the required positioning 
  • Telescopic body with height adjustment by hydraulic pedal

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All Rights Reserved. 2015 © Üzümcü Tıbbi Cihaz ve Medikal Gaz Sistemleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş. Privacy Statement.